Archives Collection

Archives Collection

The Museum has an extensive collection of documents related to Elgin covering a time period from the late 19th century to the first half of the twentieth century. With staff assistance this collection of letters, books, maps, and ephemera about buildings, property, businesses and people of Elgin can be researched. For genealogical research we recommend contacting the Elgin Genealogical Society. The PDF documents correlate to boxes in our archives. Please note the items you are looking for, what category that item(s) falls under and what box it is listed in and/or unit and shelf number. This will help when speaking with one of our research staff and be able quickly find what you need. Please click on the pictures below to access the archival lists we have available as downloadable PDFs.


Tri-State Skate at Lords Park Elgin Athletics rovelstad at workElgin Arts (PDF) home bank Elgin Banks Elgin Business & Industry Box 1-4

Loyalty Day Parade 1960 Celebrations Box 1 & 3

Elgin City Hall 1923 City of Elgin Box 1-4

archives collection Elgin Churches Box 1 & 2

Rev. Nathaniel Clark, Pioneer Preacher by Linda Elder (PDF)

Cows in a field Elgin Dairies


Washington School 1930 Education Box 1 & 2 David Scofield 1888 Elginites Masonic Lodge on Grove Elgin Organizations

fishing-at-damcropped-150web Holidays

Lords Park postcard Parks archives collection Politics archives collection Transportation