Silent City Speaks Ticket

Silent City Speaks Ticket


Theater Production of Bluff City Cemetery Walk: Silent City Speaks
September 29th at 4pm
Iglesia Principe De Paz Church, 263 DuPage Street, Elgin, IL 60102

The recently renovated Iglesia Principe de Paz Church will be hosting the Elgin History Museum’s FIRST indoor Bluff City Cemetery Walk entitled Silent City Speaks. The same volunteer actors that portrayed characters in the Bluff City Cemetery Walk on September 22 will bring the characters to life on the stage. Artist Laura Bray, businessman A.B. Church, entertainers Carl & Maude Parlasca, businessman Benjamin Pearsall, and artist Trygve Rovelstad will be featured.

This event has been created as an additional way for people to enjoy the Bluff City Cemetery Walk who are unable to attend the outdoor version because of scheduling conflicts or limited mobility.

Built in 1892, Iglesia Principe De Paz was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on November 7, 1980. It was first reopened to the public this year in May for the Mayor’s Preservation month award ceremony. The Museum welcomes you to see the church, then sit back and relax and watch our volunteer actors portray some of Elgin’s past residents talk about their lives in Elgin.


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