Watch Research Fee

Watch Research Fee


By purchasing this it will entitle the purchaser to an information packet on an Elgin watch. If wanting research done for multiple watches please select the number you wish to have researched when purchasing. To enhance your watch research information packet we typically find the more clues we have, the more information we can provide. Here is what we request in order to help you. Please be sure to have all this information before you make this purchase.

  1. Serial number from the watch’s movement. This is different from the serial number on the case. If you cannot find the movement’s serial number, or do not know how to open the case, you can ask a jeweler for help. Be careful not to damage the watch trying to open the case.
  2. Brief description, or photos, of the watch. A clear photocopy or well done digital picture of the watch(es) is helpful . Include an image of the dial.
  3. List any numbers, words or markings on the watch movement.
  4. List any words or symbols on the case.

After purchase please send all requested documents to with your name and watch research request in the subject line . Be sure to provide your name, phone number and email address so we can send information we discover or ask questions about the watch if necessary.

Points to keep in mind before purchase:

1. We do not provide appraisals of the watch’s value. However, we can provide you with information that will help you understand the historical context of your watch and which may be helpful to an appraiser.

2. We do not repair or purchase watches.

3. The original Elgin National Watch Company went out of business in 1967. When the company failed, its assets were merged into a new firm known as Elgin National Industries. The new company was in the engineering and construction business and all watch making operations were ended. However, rights to the Elgin name are licensed to importers who used it to label foreign-made watches. The M.Z. Berger Company currently uses the Elgin name in this manner. Neither M. Z. Berger, nor Elgin National Industries, has parts or information on watches manufactured by the original Elgin National Watch Company.

4. Our services cover mechanical Elgin watches made through the mid-1960s. In short, if it has a battery, we cannot help you with it.


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