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Inspiring historical discovery by preserving and sharing Elgin's heritage.

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From Brown Bag Lunches to the Annual Cemetery Walk there are exciting events for all interests.

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Education Programs

The educational programs are wide and varied both in content and style, and each offers a hands-on component. They are tailored to be developmentally appropriate for groups of all ages and learning styles and designed with state learning standards in mind. Please inquire if your group has specific needs or goals; we are happy to collaborate with you. Some popular programs:

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Adult Groups are welcome! Take a guided tour of the Museum or choose a presentation from Speakers Bureau.

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School, play, and Scout groups are all welcome! See a full list of programs.

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Permanent Exhibits

Explore Elgin’s rich heritage through two floors of interactive exhibits. You can almost hear the watch ticking at the Elgin National Watch Company, get behind the wheel of an Elgin Road Race car, view products Made in Elgin, and learn about the people and events that have shaped Elgin since 1835.

There are plenty of exhibits for kids to interact with: become a shop keeper at Kretchmer’s grocery store, catch a few fish in the Fox River, and riffle through trunks of early Elgin immigrants. There is even a scavenger hunt to find artifacts through out the Museum.