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We have research volunteers to assist you in finding out more about your historic home. Research fees are $10 per home, plus the cost of Museum admission ($5). We ask that you limit your requests to one address per month. Email or call 847-742-4248 to make an appointment.


Online Sources

PDF Files

Historian Steve Stroud wrote three books on Elgin homes entitled, There Used to Be: A Look Back at Elgin’s Architectural Heritage, Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3 which may have information on your home. The index of each volume is available by clicking the links above. Volume 1 is out of print, but there is a copy in the Museum’s research library.

The Elgin Heritage Commission administers the City of Elgin’s Heritage Plaque Program. Visit the Historic Elgin website to see an interactive map of all plaqued houses in the historic districts throughout the city.

Search addresses in the 1892 City Directory which will tell you the name of the person or persons living at that address at that time and their previous address if known.

Use our Building Lookup database to search for a residential building’s construction history in Elgin.

Henry Jensen was a prolific Master Carpenter & Contractor that lived in Elgin from 1871 to
1918 and built or renovated more than 200 Elgin homes. Volunteers complied a list of Jensen built homes in Elgin. The homes are listed alphabetically by street address. Please note that it is not all-inclusive; it only lists homes for which Jensen prepared construction bids.