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300 Lake Street: A story of Elgin and its newspaper

300 Lake Street: A story of Elgin and its newspaper

“For 85 years, the Daily Courier News was a reflection of Elgin, recording its successes and failures and relating the extraordinary struggles of the ordinary people who lived here. But even in the 1970s and 80s as the winds of change blew all around, both clung desperately to the past. Neither understood that resisting the future couldn’t delay its arrival, only prolong the past. The definition of community was changing. It was no longer a geographical location as much as a group of people who shared common interests.”

Circle of Time – DVD

Circle of Time – DVD

From the back-cover:

In the early morning of October 3, 1966, a blast was heard throughout the city of Elgin, Illinois. In just a few seconds, the once proud symbol of the Elgin national Watch Company was gone, ending a one hundred year relationship between the company and the city that shares its name.

This is the story of the famous watch company. A company that produced over sixty million watches in the span of one hundred years, dominated the watchmaking industry until World War Two, and left the city of Elgin with a permanent legacy — one that still serves the community today!


Written & Produced by David Briggs

Filmed & Edited by Phillip Broxham

Narrated by Linda Kimbrough

Produced by:

The Elgin Area Historical Society & Grindstone Productions, Inc.


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