Elgin History Museum





For Education, Charitable, Not-for-Profit Organizations and Corporate Sponsors


• Museum Meeting Room is $50 per hour for Museum members/3 hour minimum, which includes set up and clean up.

• Non-member fees are $150 an hour/3 hour minimum.

• Museum programs are available for an additional fee, including a Museum Exhibit Tour or a Behind-the-Scenes Tour.

• A $50 security deposit is required to reserve the room. The check will be returned to the organization at the end of the event, barring any problems with the building or exhibits.



• Rental organization must keep the meeting room and kitchen area relatively clean and remove all trash bags to the outside dumpsters.

• No more than 85 people.

• Guests are encouraged to view the exhibits, but no food or drink is allowed outside of the meeting room and kitchen area.



The undersigned further agrees to pay all costs, expenses and reasonable attorney’s fees incurred by the Elgin History Museum to enforce the terms of this agreement, and further agrees to indemnify, release, hold and save the Elgin History Museum and the City of Elgin, its employees and agents, harmless from and against any claims, including actions for contribution, suits, causes of action, released, demands, judgments and expenses arising from the use of the Museum or any death or injury to any person, or any loss of damage to property of the User or others, including third parties, whether due to negligence or otherwise, or as a result of fire, theft, burglary, robbery or any other cause which may occur or arise as a result of the use of the facilities.