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Starting in 2012 the museum came together to start working with Grindstone Productions and local man Ernie Broadnax to create a documentary and partnering traveling exhibit on the history of African-Americans in Elgin. The documentary and traveling exhibit are entitled Project 2-3-1. The traveling exhibit contains video sections from the 75 minute documentary film that begins with Civil War “contrabands”, who were the first African Americans to Elgin, and continues to the present day. The film and exhibit is filled with enthralling stories, amazing history and wonderful photographs, many that are being shown for the first time. This exhibit is currently traveling to a variety of venues in the Fox Valley area. If you would like to learn more about how we can bring these Elgin stories to your area please contact Elgin History Museum Director, Elizabeth Marston and check out the 2-3-1 flyer for details.

This major award-winning traveling exhibit, that premiered at the Elgin History Museum in October of 2006, focuses on a century of the Jewish experience in Elgin, Illinois. Starting with the arrival of the Adler brothers in the 1850s, it portrays a significant story of struggle and achievement culminating a century later with the building of a new synagogue, the consecration of a Jewish cemetery and the valued participation of Jewish individuals in all aspects of Elgin’s life. This exhibit is currently available for rental. Please contact the museum for more information.

The Jewish Experience in Elgin Booklet (PDF)