House Research

Store Category: Books and VideoThe Society is currently constructing a detailed home and commercial building index of sources related to as many Elgin addresses as possible. The Society has published three books on Elgin housing entitled, There Used to Be: A Look Back at Elgin’s Architectural Heritage, which may help researchers.

The Museum staff can also recommend house researchers that will consult with homeowners. The Museum is closely associated to the Elgin Heritage Commission and encourages homeowners to get their old houses plaqued with a date and original owner. A PDF listing of plaqued homes (updated 2015) in Elgin can be downloaded here

Click on the link to access a downloadable PDF file about Jensen built homes in Elgin. The homes are listed alphabetically by street address. Researchers interested in when their home was built will be interested in this document, please note that it is not all-inclusive; it only lists homes for which Jensen prepared construction bids. All files requires having Adobe® Reader.