Elgin History Museum





Come to the Elgin History Museum for your next scout program – use fun from the past to help fulfill requirements. If your scout group wants something different from the programs below, just ask. We are happy to tailor programs to your scouts’ needs.


Contact Rebecca Miller, Museum Educator at educator@elginhistory.org or 847-742-4248.

Scout programs are held Tuesday-Friday afternoon & evenings and Saturdays.


Programs range from $3-$7, depending on length and accompanying activities. There is a $50 minimum per group.


Great to complement Cub & Girl Scout Requirements!

Elgin History Tour / Scavenger Hunt

Time travel through our Museum and discover Elgin’s unique history! The experience, suitable for all age groups, follows the history of Elgin through exhibits focused on: Early Elgin, Elgin’s Architectural Heritage, the Watch Factory, and Elgin Road Races. The experience becomes interactive when teams work together on a fun and challenging Scavenger Hunt.

Grand Tour
An extension of the Elgin History Tour, the Museum visit is enhanced with hands-on activities. Scouts are presented relevant concepts and get to perform the following activities:

Early Elgin – operate a model of a mill race
Architecture – construct a keystone arch
Watch Factory – handle watch company artifacts
Road Race – draw a map of the road race route

Cemetery Walk

Discover Elgin through the City’s past citizen. Walk through Bluff City Cemetery, listening to the stories of the people barried there. Along the way complete a scavenger hunt of cemetery symbols and create a headstone rubbing.

Great Grandma’s Kitchen

Bake an apple tart with Great Grandma in her old-fashioned kitchen and learn about the tools she used. Discover the Elgin dairy industry and its connections to the Gail Borden Public Library. At the end of the program, scouts can spread their homemade butter on crackers and enjoy the warm apple tarts! This program helps complete the following requirements.

  • Brownie Snack badge
  • Junior Simple Meals badge
  • Tiger Elective 23 What Kind of Milk, Elective 24 Help in the Kitchen and Elective 25 Snack Time
  • Bear Achievement 9 What’s Cooking
  • Wolf Achievement 8 Cooking and Eating

Girl Scout Badges


  • Celebrating Community
  • My Family Story
  • Making Games


  • Inside Government
  • Scribe
  • Playing the Part
  • Social Butterfly