Elgin History Museum





A Special Wine

Limited-edition Zinfandel from Saucelito Canyon, CA made from vines over 135 years old!

Wing Mansion – Steve Thoren and Maureen McWaid

With this personally narrated tour you’ll have an up close look at over 300 vintage lamps and light fixtures, Maureen’s exquisite American Brilliant Hand Cut Crystal Glassware collection, Vintage phonographs […]

Toy Story – Dennis Roxworthy

Feel like a kid again when you see the amazing toys and collectables that have been lovingly cared for by Dennis and Laurie Roxworthy. Toy cars and trucks some in […]

This Old House – Rebecca Hunter

Ever wondered about who lived in your Elgin house before you? What changes were made to the home over time and what did it look like originally? Researcher Rebecca Hunter […]

Walk On – Jerry Turnquist

Learn more about Elgin’s past in a walking tour designed especially for you by Elgin historian Jerry Turnquist. This tour is a perfect opportunity for you and a small group […]

History Happenings – Linda Rock

Historian and collector Linda Rock specializes in Elgin history from a woman’s point of view. Choose from a list of delightful, and often interactive, history programs for your organization or […]

All Things Gardening

It is always the season to think about gardening. You can keep your skills in tact this fall and winter by following all the helpful hints in the Winter Garden […]

Bath and Spa

Treat yourself to a spa treatment with all the wonderful items in this Bath and Spa basket. Feel refreshed after using the therapy cleansing brush and the exfoliating bath gloves. […]