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The City of Elgin has a rich stock of historic bungalows built between the 1910s-1930s. These simple and classic homes contribute to the rich architectural history Elgin’s neighborhoods.



Where to find bungalows in Elgin

There are numerous styles of “sub types”, many of which can be found in Elgin’s older neighborhoods. The most likely areas to find good bungalows are in the National Watch Historical District, the Northeast Neighborhood and Southwest Neighborhood. As of June 2015 the City of Elgin passed an ordinance creating a bungalow initiative for the city of Elgin. This is, in effect, a new historic district just for bungalows. There are no restrictions based on location, except that it has to be located in Elgin. To have your bungalow included you must apply through the city with an application available at city hall. If you would like to do research on your bungalow please email or call the museum staff at 847.742.4248 to set up an appointment. If you are interested in connecting with other like minded Bungalow advocates and fans consider checking out the Facebook page of the Historic Elgin Bungalow Organization and visiting the website dedicated to Elgin Bungalows.

General Intro to Elgin Bungalows (PDF)
Samples for Landmarks Illinois
Bungalow samples from Landmarks Illinois (PDF)
Bungalow Details (PDF)
Bungalow Details (PDF)